The HydroClenz® 2000 product contains IONamixTM water treatment media, which provides a nonchemical,non-powered, environmentally friendly, and cost effective, disinfectant system for the control of pathogenic bacteria (including Legionella) and bio-film, and the inhibition of scale and rust, in cold water systems. The water system to be protected should first be checked for condition and, if required, thoroughly cleaned by conventional methods before the HydroClenz® 2000 unit is installed. The unit, or units, are simply immersed in the water in the tank, either on the bottom, or leant at an angle in the corner. They start working immediately after they are immersed. The units are suitable for use in potable and non-potable cold water systems with a maximum temperature of 35°C. This product has an optimum performance life (which starts immediately after they are immersed) of 3 years,after which they should be replaced.